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the risk assessment’s
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Assured Report

Assured is a database that consolidates security risk assessment information of cloud services

Overview of Assured

The security risks of SaaS and other Internet-based services are assessed by experts.

Assured integrates the results of cloud services' assessments into a centralized database to streamline the traditional time-consuming and inefficient costly security review process and enables you to build a reliable cloud service's management.

Assured provides a solution to the following problems
in risk assessment for using cloud services

Concerns for improper identification of security risks

Assessment and evaluation process are time-consuming and inadequate

Increase the risk of
key person dependency

What Assured can do for you


Accurately assess the risks of Saas without unnecessary time and work

Our database is a centralized source of reliable security risk assessment information based by security specialists's
assessment and review of cloud services, enabling you to identify potential risks in the cloud promptly and accurately.

Assessment report

Eliminate the time-consuming
process of your company's security officials

Assured allows you to significantly minimize the workload of gathering public and security information, preparing security questionnaires, and examining risk scenarios, for assessing the risks of the services.

Workload reduction

Mitigating the key-person dependency
Establishing a sustainable management

Based on our standardized security questionnaires and evaluation indices, the information is aggregated into a centralized database that enables informed and better decision-making.
As a result, even in the event of personnel leave or transfer, as well as an increase in the use of cloud and web services, the security level of governance can be assured.

Mitigating the key-person dependency

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Reasons of trust with Assured

Guild line

Comprehensive questions based on multiple security frameworks

Comply with ISO/IEC27001, ISO/IEC27017, and NIST SP800-53, and other major frameworks and guidelines of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.

Comment by specialist

Assess and review by security professionals

Professionals with security certifications, including CISA, are evaluating the assessments.

Information update

Stay up-to-date with the latest information

Get notified of every information update.Keep track of any changes in the services.

Wide range of industries

Proven success with a wide range of companies in sizes and industries

Our clients range in size from listed companies to venture businesses, and in industry from finance to manufacturing, retail, and IT.

Assured Features


Well Categorized Service Search

Able to search for all registered services which are organized and categorized.

Request new assessment

Request a New Assessment

Services that are not in the database can be requested for a new assessment.


Objective Scoring

Visualize the risk level on a standardized 100-point scale for all services.


Comment by Security Professionals

Security experts give additional details about the potential risks of services.


Focus on critical aspects

You can focus only on the most important measures by filtering out the least critical items.

Updates notification

Keep updated

Notification of changes whenever information is updated. Comparison with past revisions are also possible.


Installation support by our specialists

Our dedicated specialists can assist you with the operations required to browse reports and conduct new assessment, and assist you in a fundamental understanding of the reports.

Assistance in leveraging reports by our security experts

Our security experts will support you in using the assessment report by consulting with you on your business's key considerations.

Easy-to-use help support

Support chat is available at any time from the console of the platform. Assistance from a representative or search for help pages is also available.

We offer a range of plans that include more specialized support.
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