Security Assessment Platform "Assured"

Eliminates the risks and 
concerns of using Cloud Services 
with a reliable Security Assessment

Offers easy-to-read security evaluation reports based on carefully 
selected cybersecurity factors and objective questionnaires.
Enables you to make quick and informed decisions.

Assessment for A Cloud

Facing any of the following challenges 
when evaluating the security of Cloud Services?


Unreliable and old-fashioned existing security questionnaire


Uncertain about the provider's answering precision

Software Engineer

Increase the risk of key person dependency

Assured provides Cloud Services'
security assessment and evaluation reports

Source of assessment criteria

Comprehensive risk assessment allows for complete checks.

  • Follows all relevant security standards and regulations, including ISO/IEC27001, NIST SP800-53, and others
  • Over 100 rigorously selected assessment questions
  • Constantly updates to reflect changes in trends
Provider's Answering Screen

Investigation framework for acquiring high-precision information.

  • Easy to interpret questions and phrases
  • Terminology features to minimize misinterpretation
  • Mandatory acquisition of source information for responses
  • Assured staff support for answering questions
Report Screen

Evaluation by Third Party Experts.
The Report helps in better decision-making.

  • An objective risk assessment by CISA qualified personnel
  • Assessment results can be retrieved at any time in the system
  • All the responses to the assessment criteria can be reviewed
Notification Screen

Get notified of every information update.
Keep track of any changes in the services.

  • A new assessment can be requested at any time through the system
  • After obtaining the evaluation report, you will receive a notification whenever the information of the cloud service is updated

Customer Reviews

We can now confidently make decisions on the acceptability of using cloud services.

With the growing number of public cloud services being used and some of them handling important information, we have been spending a lot of manpower and time ensuring the security measures each time they are introduced. By leveraging Assured, we are assured of reliable standards, which has not only reduced our operational costs but has also allowed us to confidently and quickly decide whether to use the service.

GREE, Inc.

The decision-making process with the user departments is now faster and more efficient.

As we receive many requests from our departments to use public Cloud services and review them for approval or disapproval, Assured's security assessments enable us to comprehensively and objectively identify potential security risks and understand specific risk scenarios, which allows us to quickly make informed decisions for our departments.

SmartNews, Inc.

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