Request to Cloud Service Provider
for cooperation in Security Assessment

Thank you for your cooperation with our security assessment.
This page outlines the Assured service, the workflow of the assessment,
and the requests you are expected to respond to.

What is "Assured"

The security assessment platform "Assured" provides a security evaluation service
on behalf of your customers and prospects.

Assured is managed by Visional Incubation Inc. in the Visional Group.
The Visional Group is engaged in Internet-based service businesses, including "BizReach" and "HRMOS".

For the survey, we will contact cloud service providers and ask for their cooperation in completing the questionnaire.

What is our security assessment?

Companies that are using or considering to use cloud services are facing the following security concerns.

Eliminate the risk of information leakage and data loss

Strengthen information security governance

Difficult to conduct professional risk assessment internally

Our assessment service provides these companies with
an objective security evaluation report for their concerns upon using the cloud services.

To give your customer the confidence necessary to continue to engage your services,
we request Cloud service providers to respond to our security questionnaire on Assured.

The answers will be sent to the client after our investigators confirm the result.

The evaluation process

1 Please reply with the email address of the person responsible to answer the assessment in the email we have sent you.

2 Please complete the registration through the invitation email for a new account.

3 Review the request information and complete the security questionnaire.

4 If necessary, invite other users to respond.

5 Once all questions have been answered, please submit them.

We may contact you in case of inadequate answers.
If you have any questions after your account has been issued, please contact us through the Help Center.


Who is the management company?

Assured, Inc. in the Visional Group manages this service.
The Visional Group is engaged in Internet-based service businesses, including "BizReach" and "HRMOS".


Is there any charge for requesting assessment or using the system?

There is no cost for Cloud service providers to use our services

Will the results of the assessment be disclosed to unspecified service users?

The information will not be disclosed to anyone other than the requested company without your permission.
If we receive another request from a different company, we will send you a new request for permission to disclose information along with details about the assessment.
For the second and future requests, you can reuse the results from the first response, as long as your security information stays the same.

Our Vision

By registering with Assured,
Cloud service providers can not only respond to security assessment requests from customers,
but also allow multiple people within the company to maintain the assessment results
for later reuse in other companies' assessments request.

By providing these capabilities in our security assessment platform,
we aim to mitigate the drift in and out of security assessments
between Cloud service providers and their customers.