Security Assessment Platform "Assured"

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Integrate Assured assessment report into your offering,
reduce the cost of security questionnaire exchange and validation with your prospects and customers.

Plan strategically
with your prospects and customers

Assured provides a comprehensive and easy-to-read scored security report for your business needs.
The well-summarized reports are available for use in sales and customer inquiries at any time.

Learn how Assured can help you

Centralize the security information

  • Comprehensive assessment criteria that cover the security perspectives for cloud service.
  • Respondents can be assigned on a per-question basis, streamlining the response process.*
  • Changelogs and messages can be saved, ensuring a seamless transition across the answering process.*
  • The information submitted will not be disclosed without permission from the cloud service provider.

Get evaluated
security assessment

  • Evaluated by qualified security assessors with CISA certification and other security qualifications.
  • Understands the status of security measures of your services from a relative perspective.

Easy to share the
evaluated report

  • Reports can be easily shared to a specified email address.
  • The reports can also be shared with customers not yet registered in Assured.
  • The shared report can be canceled at any time after being shared.

The key reasons behind
Assured's trusted security assessment reports

  • Follows all relevant security standards and regulations, including ISO/IEC27001, NIST SP800-53 and others.
  • Over 100 rigorously selected assessment questions.
  • Constantly updates to reflect changes in trends.

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